Spring Semester

Q.B. Tyler

"Spring Semester is a best friends to lovers romance that will take you on so many emotional twists and turns but still gives you that HEA that you crave in the end."

I was nine years old when I met Everett Cartwright and claimed him as my best friend.
I was sixteen years old when I gave him my virginity.
Now, at twenty, the lines of our friendship have blurred as our relationship shifts into something different.
Something deeper.
It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.
I wasn’t supposed to fall for my best friend.
He wasn’t supposed to fall for me.
And when we finally confessed our feelings, he wasn’t supposed to have a girlfriend.
But falling in love with my best friend was easy.
It was what came after that almost destroyed us.

*Spring Semester can be read as a stand-alone and the third in the Campus Tales Series.


Campus Tales, #3

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