Bittersweet Surrender

Q.B. Tyler

“I was in a relationship with two men and neither were giving me up.”

That thought flashed through Charlotte’s brain like a bright neon light as she followed her husband out of her marriage counselor’s office.
The office where she’d sat twice a week as she tried to repair the glaring problems in her marriage.
The marriage that she’d fought hard to save to a man that wasn’t fighting alongside her. She’d been lied to, ignored and used as a pawn to climb his ladder to success.

Charlotte was broken, not just her marriage.

But, then she met Dr. Montgomery and everything changed. They say love is patient and kind of course, but what happens when that love comes at the cost of everything?
Love was a force that took no prisoners when it decided to strike and Charlotte had been hit—hard. By a man that wasn’t her husband.

By the very man who was supposed to save her marriage.

*Bittersweet Surrender is part one of the Bittersweet duet and must be read before Bittersweet Addiction.


Bittersweet, #1

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