Bittersweet Addiction

Q.B. Tyler

Lead us not into temptation…they say.

But, Dr. Will Montgomery had already given into his temptations.
He’d tasted the forbidden fruit, again and again for months.
Despite the obstacles in his way, he claimed the beautiful Charlotte Pierce and fell head over heels in love.
She was finally his.
But a stolen love, a forbidden love— comes at a price.
And in the aftermath of their affair, Will finds himself backed into a corner desperate for an escape from the chaos.
Chaos that threatens to destroy him and reveal the secrets he’d kept hidden.
Secrets that may just cost him everything.

And if there’s one thing Dr. Will Montgomery should have learned by now is the truth always comes out.

Bittersweet Addiction is the final part of the Bittersweet Duet.


Bittersweet, #2

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